For more than 4 months…I’ve put my blog under construction…

And guess what, nothing changed.

No improvement whatsoever and no new blog post either, until this one.

Well, that was until I made 3 major shift to my mindset.

1. Instead of not knowing what to write about, I’m just gonna write about myself, my story to the world.

But before this, I didn’t really get clear on what my intention was when it comes to writing for my blog. One part of me wants to write business and motivational stuff to appeal to entrepreneurial people, to provide solutions to them just like Neil Patel or Pat Flynn from 

While the intention is noble, and while I really love business and marketing, I just wasn’t as passionate when it comes to sharing them on my blog. And when I dig down deeper, I finally know the REAL reason why: I just want to write to earn some money. That’s when I really got stuck. I hated writing something that I wasn’t passionate about, just for the sake of earning some bucks here and there.

Now, I just write about what I really love writing. Sharing my happiness with the world, teaching others how to live a truly happy life – From having a great career/business, great relationship, amazing social life, and so on. I am obsessed with living an extraordinary life and whenever I think about writing about any of the topics, the ideas just came flowing. Just like this one, little did I know that 1 hour has passed since I started writing and there was zero procrastination! The ideas just keep flowing! I guess that what happens when you do or write something you truly care about.

2. Instead of achieving perfection in writing, I’m just gonna write in the state of flow regardless of the jargon or Manglish that came along as I write

Before this, it usually took me 1 whole week to write just a single blog post to perfection. Perfect grammar with a lot of editing here and there. And I wasn’t going anywhere with that speed. That was until I randomly skim through my email and saw an email by James Altucher on how he started writing to becoming an author of several New York times best seller. His first 2 advice was powerful.

Especially the second one. Write every single day.

Even if it’s horrible.

Just write, and don’t skip.

And that’s what I set out to do starting today.

As for the reading, I’m probably gonna write my reflection on the daily podcast I digest every morning on my way to work.

And we shall see how much I improve over time. Perhaps several NY bestsellers too? lol

3. I used to care about how people would judge me when I’m writing my story before. But now, I just don’t give a damn.

This one I have to thank my mentor Edmund Loh for this lovely advice. He always said to me and the rest us at Musemancer that regardless of whether you’re successful or not, people will talk bad about you. Haters are gonna be haters. So if that’s the case, why not just be hated for being successful?

So I think that idea is so cool I just had to adopt them. And it really helps. This blog post is not possible if it wasn’t because of his little advice. Thanks Edmund 🙂

I guess that’s it. And you shall see me write everyday now. Will do my best to write the best horrible writing for your entertainment! hahaha

Joking aside, I really write stuff that helps you in your personal growth, so stay tuned and let’s grow together and make the world a better place to live in!