How do you define “home”?
For me, it’s a place where I can be totally safe and loved and cared for.
Before I knew Tribeless, the only place I ever called home is being with my family in my hometown Sarikei Sarawak, and the other one is when I’m with my girlfriend. 🤭🤫
Being with them gave me a deep feeling of safety and love, where I can share my deepest thoughts and feelings without ever being judged, and just being able to share is all I need.

They may not know the right solution or the right answer to what I’m sharing, but just simply by sharing my thought and feelings, I often find the answer myself.

And that is very important.

No amount of self talking or meditation is as powerful as being able to share your deepest insecurity or feelings to another soul.

But with me working and living in KL for almost 7 years, I am always away from my family, and with girlfriend studying overseas, I don’t always feel home.

Most days I feel okay, but there are times where I just feel a bit lonely, and that sucks.

Being able to communicate with family and my love does helps, but nothing beats being with them physically.

Thankfully, I found another place I call home, and they are the amazing souls behind this amazing movement called Tribeless.
Even though the people who make up Tribeless came from all sort of background, race and culture, yet we put all that aside and bring forward the most important values that makes a home:
Love, care, empathy, and openness.
Collectively we form that safe place that enables everyone to share their side of the story, their deepest insecurities and struggles, – stories that would have otherwise be buried deep inside them and never seeing the light of day.
It is because of not telling these stories that often made a lot of people live in misery and discomfort, and I was no exception.

During the same session when we took this wefie, I was able to share one of the deepest insecurities that I have never told anyone, not even my family or my girlfriend.

The emotion that was attached to that story of mine was so strong that it made me cry real hard and I was just unable to control my tears.


But I’m glad I did.

Because If I haven’t told that side of my story, I wouldn’t have discovered the one of the main reason or drive that made me pursue success.

But now I knew. And so do every Tribeless member that is present 🙈🙈


But like i said, it wasn’t just me.

There are others who shared their side of the story, and everyone listened without being judgmental, and we all shower each other with genuine support and encouragement, something that is very rare today, and to be expecting that genuine support from a total stranger is very rare indeed.


Surely enough, those strangers or people that I just met became really close friends. So do everyone.

We all made friends with each other and probably share a deep bond that lasts a lifetime.

So many thanks to Gwen Yi and Shawn Cheng for founding this amazing movement. May more people find their home with Tribeless ❤️
For those of you who would like to be part of this amazing family, you can check out Tribeless at  and sign up for it. May you too find a place you can call home. God bless ❤️😊

Here’s something extra for you. Because one of the girl inside the photo had her eyes closed, and it just so happened that she is a graphic designer.


See what happens, it’s terrible, i mean, hilarious.