I was inspired to do a no sugar challenge for 60 days after watching the documentary, That Sugar Film

That film follows the journey of one Australian man named Damon Gameau on a 60 day sugar craze diet, but with one caveat: he will only eat or drink what society perceive as “healthy food”.

Yogurt, juice, cereals etc, everything that we perceived as being a normal healthy food.

The result?

Within 12 days of doing it, he has developed the risk of diabetes 2, gained 3 kilos, gets mood swing, tiredness, and the list goes on.

That is just 12 days. He’s doing it for 60 days.

If you think he’s quite extreme, well, what he’s doing is perfectly normal for the millions of people including you and me.

And when I finally learned the truth from that film, I have second thoughts when it comes to consuming food and drinks which are high in sugar.

That’s because my family especially my dad’s side has a history of diabetes, and I sometimes have sudden sharp pain in my chest, and that’s very alarming.

Yet, on the outside, I look perfectly fine young man, not too thin, not too fat either.

But the sudden sharp pain that I get out of nowhere really scares the shit out of me.

So I decided to change my diet radically, by first total elimination of direct sugar into my diet.

And today is my first official day at doing the “no sugar challenge” because I myself want to see the effect of no direct sugar intake in my daily meal.

That means I cannot drink my favorite drink which is teh ais, a desire that I am battling almost every minute of the day.

I knew I was 1 step away from ordering my favorite drink, but I choose not to, and decide that I’m gonna follow through to this 60 days of no direct sugar intake.

It’s been so hard since having roti telur and teh ais was my morning routine and I never failed at it, and to replace teh ais with just plain water was torture.

However I did get a little bit of sleepiness just before afternoon, and I took a nap because I was just battling with sleepiness all the time and can’t really concentrate.

But after that nap, i feel really energetic and productive even to this point of writing.

But obviously, anyone can get energized again from a quick nap right? Just don’t overslept on it.

Giving up teh ais is very hard because it’s been a habit of mine for many years now to order teh ais, and with all the junk food of mee goreng mamak and others that are similar to it.

Also that means saying no to my other favorite meals: fast foods like mcdonald burger, kfc, donuts, smoothies, pizza and other sugary drink.

Not even juice.

Yep, juices are bad.

While typically you can get full from just eating an apple, but by juicing it you will only get the sugar while all the fibers are removed, and it take 3 – 4 more apples in order to fill a cup of juice.

It is that fiber that gave you the feeling of fullness. When its gone and all you get is 3-4 apples cramped inside a cup of juice drinks, all you get is more than enough dose to get you to become obese.

So it’s the same as craving direct sugar. You will always feel hungry and always want to crave for more.

And that’s not the most scary part.

The most scary part is that if you remove sugar from all the products inside your typical supermarket store, almost 80% of the products needs to go away.

That means sugar is contained in almost 80% of our daily products, and it’s contained in your so-called 100% squeezed orange juice, it’s in your tomato sauces, and it’s even in your so-called healthy yougurt.

If yougurt were just yougurt, they wouldn’t taste sweet at all.

But manufacturers want to put sugar inside their product because of one reason: they make you addictive.

And when you’re addictive, they make more money.

You see, adveritiser has a clever way to think that you’re eating healthy food or drinks while

They are paid to their job well right?

Just like how diamonds are forever and has become essential in every modern weddings.

And the gold as well.

Anyway i will still take my regular meal of indirect sugar which is carbohydrate from my daily meal of rice, meat and vegetables.

And on top of this no sugar intake, I am 3 days in from my intermittent fasting of just 1 or 2 meal per day challenge.

Sounds scary?

You bet.

But since a number of silicion valley ceo is doing it for the sake of longer lives, more clarity and energy, better health, I want to do it as well.

My biggest inspiration in doing this was after the day i read about the article of phil libin, former ceo of Evernote doing this intermittent fasting for more than 8 months now with 2-8 days of no meal, and he is doing ever better.

More clarity, more energy throughout the days, zero risk for diabetes, and just a perfectly healthy human being.

So, no direct sugar intake and intermittent fasting for 60 days.

Today i almost had 50/50 chance of failure but i have decided to make it through and therefore I shall see it through.

So yeah, do yourself a favor and watch that film.

It’s hilarious and informative at the same time.