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Here's an ugly truth that I learned in life:

If you're born poor or mediocre, there's a high chance that you'll never get rich in life, or achieve the life of your dream.

I'm not saying this to  downplay you but it's a truth that I experience for myself.

Had I not encounter and mix with successful and rich friends and mentor, I never really know that I have the power to transform my life, to achieve my goals, and to enjoy an incredible quality of life.

Had I use my old way of thinking, I would've simply chose to just let life pass by and live a normal, mediocre life like my parents and most of the society.

Or just wander aimlessly in life with no goal whatsoever...

The thing is... you have REAL CHOICE to define what kind of life you want to live, and you literally have the power to write your own destiny.

I'm a living testimony to that.

It's my hope that this book will give you a solid understand of how to define the goals and dream that truly matters to you, and also learn what it takes to get there, while living an amazing quality of life.

Be it your career, or relationship, or business, I have learned some of the best model that rich and wealthy people use to change their life from dirt poor to incredible wealth and abundance.

So if you're really serious about changing your life, this book will help you achieve just that.

You'll learn:

➤  How to discover your true passion and purpose in life

➤  How to set properly set goals so that you'll achieve the life you dreamed of

➤  Why positive thinking alone will not help you get what you want in life

➤  Learn a few trick to crush your big goals or end-of-year resolution

➤  Learn my secret technique to be "unfuckwitable" (A state when you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.)

➤  Learn how to overcome hopelessness, despair, depression and all the pain in your life and use them as your strength

➤  and many more!

P.S : I've added several bonus chapter that will help you achieve your goals faster. These technique are taught by my high performance coaches and they cost a ton! And you get to have them for FREE!

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(Latest Update: I'm still in the process of finishing this book at this moment, expected to finish by End of April 2018.)

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