Have you ever looked at the mirror and tell yourself that you’re handsome (or pretty), very handsome, truly handsome, and you are loved, truly loved, by everyone, by the universe, and that you receive and attract love every moment in your life?

Or have you tell yourself how beautiful your skin is, how incredibly intelligent you are, how talented you are, how life is giving you the challenge that you need to grow yourself, and how grateful you are for your experiences.

Have you ever tell yourself that?

Even when you’re not looking at the mirror and telling or saying those words, deep inside your mind there is a constant little chatter that is constantly judging your own self image, and those words you tell yourself internally, when you choose to believe it, will shape your belief and how you live your life.

You can either tell yourself good things about yourself, or you can tell yourself the total opposite.

The opposite of handsome or beauty? Ugly.

Opposite of intelligent or genius? Stupid.

Opposite of being loved? Broken, not worthy or love.

Opposite of confident? Low self esteem, low confidence.

For most people, that is what they choose to believe about themselves.

I am ugly, I am sad, unworthy or love, I am not good enough, and the list goes on.

As the famous therapist Marissa Peers said in one of her amazing Tedx talk:

Your body doesn’t care if what you tell is right or wrong, good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, it will respond only to those words and images (inside your head)

This means that, for the people who keep telling themselves bad stories about themselves, they are the one who usually ended up being lost in life, not knowing what to do, who don’t have a strong character and easily being ridiculed by others, and having serious low confidence and self esteem.

For some people, the pain is to great to deal with that they decide that the best way to find peace is to end their own life.

It’s true.

But why don’t most people praise themselves?

They are afraid of being ridiculed.

Being ridiculed by who?

The Society.

Yes. It is the No. 1 reason why people are messed up today.

What makes the society?


So why do people ridiculed one another?

Well, that’s because most people live a miserable life.

And they just want to share that pain with other and get them to the same level that they are.

I’m sure you know those kind of people in your life.

It could even be a family member, close relatives, and even your closest friends.

But as human, we tend to judge others whether intentionally or not.

What we say is normal might be perceived as being offensive to others, diminishing their confidence and self esteem.

That’s the ugly truth about our society.

A world full of stressful and unhappy people.

People who don’t believe that they are beautiful enough, not handsome enough, not worthy enough.

But enough with all that, how can we make a difference and a change now?

Start praising yourself.

YOU. No one else but you.

Tell yourself amazing stories and praises about yourself.

Forget about what other people say about you.

All it takes is just a praise.

Like Richard Branson said:

“be lavish in your praise to yourself and to others and may blessings comes to you from every corners of the world.