So I attended this incredible event in Mindvalley last Tuesday and I have the wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from the incredible Jim Kwik, and take pictures too, while doing his signature “touch your brain” pose 😛

I got to tell you one thing: It’s MIND-BLOWING.

Well, not literally mind blown but since the theme of the event is how to set goals and actually sticks to it, I learned better techniques and mindset to set goals that matters and actually following through with them.

Now, there are 2 other amazing speakers present at that time and they are Jack Delosa, Founder, and CEO of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage.

Of course, we have our own homeboy Soon Wei, who is the CEO of Art Printing Works (APW), a creative industrial space in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Along with Lu Xanne and my friend Kar Fei who facilitate the event, we all had a very incredible learning experience that night.

Here’s what I learned, and how you can do this for yourself too, so you’ll finally be able to achieve any goals that you desire.

Lesson #1 Embrace your Challenges ( From Jack Delosa)

The most memorable thing I learned from Jack is the fact that growth and comfort cannot coexist. While I knew this many years ago, sometimes you just don’t realize you are living in comfort zone until someone reminds you. And he tells us that we need to befriend challenge, embrace it, and deliberately pursue it.

And he gave away these 4 questions you should ask yourself when in doubt.

Question 1. What is the most challenging period of my life?

Question 2. ‎Why was this period so challenging for me?

Question 3. ‎if this period happens for a positive reasons, what would that be?

For example,

Do I need to outgrow?

Do I need to learn how to love more?

Do I need to build certain capabilities?

And Jack has a word he use to define these moments:

He called it “Rashi”

It’s a Sanskrit word that is used to define  a catastrophic event that causes us to become choiceless.

For example, there comes a time when  you face a challenge that forces you to say:

I have no choice but to become financially smarter.

I have no choice but to be stronger.

I have no choice but to succeed.

And it is in this exact moment where the decision you make will serves your greatest growth or your deepest downfall.

So when that Rashi moment comes into your life, embrace it and outgrow it.

Question 4. How did that period enable you to become the person you longed to be?



Lesson #2 Set H.E.A.R.T Goals, not S.M.A.R.T Goals (Jim Kwik)

How many of us set goals that we actually get to achieve? Especially new year resolution.

So Jim offers his new model of setting goals and it’s very powerful.

In his own word:

The problem with most people is that they set great goals, but not enough of us get them. That’s where Jim’s new framework comes in. To get your goals out of your head and into your hands, make sure they fit with your emotions – with your HEART.


Healthy. How can you make sure your goals support your greater well-being? Your goals should contribute to both your physical and emotional health.

Enduring. Your goals should be sustainable. They should change you over time, as you build a future version of yourself and your life.

Alluring. You shouldn’t have to push yourself to work on your goals. They should be so exciting, enticing and engaging that you’re pulled toward them.

Relevant. Don’t set a goal without knowing why you’re setting it. Ideally, your goals should relate to a challenge you’re having or your core values.

Truth. Don’t set a goal just because your neighbor is doing it, or because you think you should do it. Make sure your goal is something you want, something that remains true to you. If your goal isn’t true to you, you’re far more likely to procrastinate and sabotage yourself.

Take myself for example, I used to think that my life goal is to become a doctor, get married, and retire.

Pretty boring right? But these goals came from my parent. For me at that time, I really don’t know what I wanted to do in life.

But not anymore. Today I live life my own term and I choose to do things that make me happy also be able to contribute to people at the same time. This blog is a result of that.

But what would happen if I pursue goals that aren’t mine? Like becoming a doctor.

First of all, I am definitely not happy about it, but I don’t know what other choices that I had.

And secondly, life would be very boring and stressful.

I heard my lawyer friends dread at working till 9 pm or 2 am into the morning. Well, doctors could be on call for 36 hours straight. While their career is a noble one, saving life and stuff, I can’t really imagine myself doing that.

So ask yourself these questions, and make sure the goals you pursue truly matters to you.

And when it matters to you, pursuing it will be effortless.


While there are so many more lessons being shared that night, I’m gonna write about them on a separate post.

This blog post alone took me 3 days already to write, but I break it down, writing bit by bit until I finally be able to post it today.

That’s another tip that I learned that day, break down your goals into actions that you can take today itself.

So before you go, I challenge you to go thru each of the questions so you get clear on the goals that truly matters to you.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post 🙂