Unlike almost everyone on this planet, I don’t subscribe or believe in a lot of thing.

And it got even more extreme when I learn more about the truth about this man-made world.

  • I don’t subscribe to breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • I don’t believe in drugs and pill, but believe in self healing instead
  • I quit religion and become spiritual instead
  • I don’t believe in growing up to become an “adult”
  • I don’t read or watch the news, instead listening to podcast
  • I don’t complain, instead I learn to be aware of negative thoughts and switch them to something positive
  • I have a lot of friends, but I stick more with a few people who’s 10x more successful that me
  • I know what I truly want in life, how to contribute, and many more…

And the more I learn about marketing, the more I learn how companies manipulate people’s mind and behavior to sell their ideas, products or services.

And that includes religion as well.

So yeah, I’m weird. Not a lot of people can relate to my life or share my belief.

But if I were to ask myself…

Am I happy?
Yes. Truly happy and grateful for life and live almost everyday in curiosity and state of abundance.

Am I healthy?
Yes. I got rid of my sinus problem that I had since I was a kid (too much sugar is the culprit)

Do I have an amazing love relationship?
Yes. And it continues to grow each and everyday.

Good financial life?
Manageable, and finally doing some saving and investment.

Great social life?
Yeah, I have those amazing friends that believe in personal growth and we share wisdom to help each other grows.

Great career/business?
Yes. Awesome job as copywriter and internet marketer. Have a profitable side business helping other businesses to establish their online presence and market their product and services.

I say this not to brag, but it’s really the facts.

And guess what, I know perfectly well why I behave this way.

It all started the moment I define what my vision is.

Normally I would keep my vision to myself, but I set a goal to be more open and vulnerable this year, and do more to share wisdom and knowledge that will leave a positive impact on people’s life.

So here it is.

My vision is quite simple:

To be able to travel the world with my loved ones (my parents included) in my beautiful campervan that I D.I.Y by myself and have the financial resource to travel in style, afford luxury experiences and foods, and still be able to grow my investment portfolio, have a thriving career/business, and be able to inspire many others to do the same.

Still, everyone can create a vision for themselves yet didn’t take action towards it.

So what’s missing?

It’s simple. What’s your motivation behind it? Why do you need to achieve this vision no matter what?

For me, it’s simply because I didn’t want to see people suffer. Especially my people. These people.

Yes, these are my people. And yep, like them, I am an Iban as well. Pure, no mix (because people always mistaken that I’m a chinese lol) And below, that’s me, during Borneo Hornbill Festival 2009.

I’m not exactly photogenic or know a lot about my culture, or even know to do proper ngajat (yet) but I do get to win Mr Conservation.

And for a good reason.

I love nature, and I am aware of the destructive force of politics and the greed of companies to get a hold on my people’s land for profit. But it’s not a cause I want to fight for.

What I really care the most for my people is education.

I am very lucky to be able to study in the big city of KL and gain incredible access and insight into exponential technologies, radical new thinking and education system from the west, and the amazing power of personal growth.

And then I knew, that the education system that Malaysia has is many decades obsolete.

It only teaches people for employment, not for a life of true fulfillment, nor financial freedom, nor towards advancing mankind in any field whatsoever.

And even if these people were to graduate with a diploma or a degree, I realized that a lot of graduates have little chance of getting the job they want.

I’ve been there too.

And one thing I noticed is the serious mismatch of graduates with the employer’s expectations.

Yep, it’s ridiculous, and yes, I’ve experience this too.

But the more I learn about this world, the more I realized this world isn’t about getting a job or starting a business or work till retirement.

I learned that this world that we live in is a blank canvas where you can literally design any life that you desire.

And for me, I’m going to do whatever it takes to design a life that is meaningful, that makes me happy, and be able to advance mankind in the process.

That explains my vision, and the reason why I don’t really fit into what the society considers normal.

I need to be different in order to be able to achieve the radical vision that I have.

I need to make the world a better place.

I need to transform the lives of my people especially the education that they have.

And I want to teach people how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

And that change starts with me.

So yeah, I’m weird, and I plan to keep it that way.