How many of us actually learn something useful while driving?
Most of us turn on the radio, or listen to our song playlist while driving, listening to ads, or pranks by the radio DJs and that’s just it.
There’s nothing wrong with all that, in fact I did just that once in a while just to have a little bit of variety and also know a bit of what’s going on in the world.
But here’s the thing, what do you really get out of all that?
What specific result can you achieve with all that information inside your head?
Of course, you would feel good listening to the songs you like or listening to your favourite segment of the radio, but for me, that’s just it.
There is barely any useful information you can take to improve your life.
So what happens to your life then?
Chances are, or I can say there is a high likelihood that your life will fall into mediocrity.
You will have a job, settle down, have children, retire, travel once in a while and that’s it. Living like pretty much everyone else in your society.
Is it wrong?
There’s nothing wrong with all that, it is your choice after all.
You have a choice to decide whether you want to live life like most people do, or live an amazing life that most people dreamed of.
But you don’t get there by doing what most people do, you only get there by doing what the few people do.
And one thing they did differently than the rest of the society is simply this: Lifelong learning.
They never stop learning.
Someone asked Bill Gates during an interview on what superpower he wished he had and he simply says that he wished he had the power to learn faster.
Richard Branson also credits his success to a belief he had, and it’s the same thing that all successful people shared: lifelong learning.
These people understood something.
They understood that the power to change your life and to impact the greater world is to always be learning.
And you can either do that by making mistake or learn from other people who already made the same mistake.
But most of us don’t even take the first step, which is giving ourselves the opportunity to learn something new every day.
Just think about it, if you can learn just 1 thing to be better at your career today…
or learn 1 thing to make your relationship better…
or learn 1 thing or strategy to grow your income…
or learn 1 health or fitness tips to improve your health…
would your life be better because of it? Compared to just listening to radios or your song playlist.
But like I said, there’s nothing wrong with listening to radio or song playlist while driving, it’s a matter of choice.
But imagine if you just spend 20min of driving listening to 1 thing that can improve just 1 areas of your life…
And just imagine doing it 5 days week for the entire year.
You would have learned a total of 260 tips or strategies that will really take your life to the next level.
How much would you think your life will improve from those 260 tips or strategies that you learned compared to just listening to radios or songs?
But why bother doing it right?
Like I said, it’s merely a choice.
If you want to live a great life, commit to lifelong learning, you can start by just changing your driving habit to listening to something useful instead of just radios and songs.
Or if you don’t want to change that habit, then pick up a self-improvement book each month.
You would be amazed at how much your life will change from dedicating your life to learning every day.
For me, I don’t want to live a mediocre life.
I want to live an extraordinary life and impact millions or even billions of people in my lifetime and turn all my dreams into reality.
That’s why I commit to daily learning to constantly improving myself.
That’s why I commit to learning every day while I’m driving to work.
But you might say, where do I start?
Here’s a tip.
Start by learning that helps solve the problem you are currently having.
If you have a relationship problem, then pick up some book at the local bookstore that will help you solve just that. I recommend reading books by Eckhart Tolle “Power of Now” or books like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”
Have financial problems?
Pick up a book or podcast or watch youtube videos that teach you financial management or investment. I recommend The Millionaire Mindset by T Harv Eker
Don’t have an amazing career?
Pick up a book on that and read. I recommend “Be so good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport
I can firmly say that whatever problem that you have in life, someone has already figured that out and is sharing their wisdom either in the form of books, youtube videos or audio podcast.
So noticed the problem that you are having right now and find the solution to that.
Ask and ye shall find, right? 😉
And if you’re reading this far…
You’re in luck! In align with my goal of becoming a better writer and to retain what I learn better, I’m starting a new habit of writing what I learn on my morning drive every morning.
So here’s my first driving lesson of the day:
Upvote and comment your thoughts on it. Be it good or bad, keep them coming 😛 (I enjoy criticism)
Plus, you’ll earn handsome reward (real money you can withdraw to your local bank) by simply upvoting and commenting on my post.
Let’s keep learning and be better every day 🙂
Have a great day!