You know, when it comes to life, people always say that life is not a sprint, but a marathon.

While the sentence may mean different thing to different people, for me it means that you should not compare yourself with other people who are more successful than you are, even though you guys are born in the same year.

But I somewhat disagree with that statement.

One part of me says that it’s an excuse by lazy people to not compare themselves with others who are more successful so they don’t have to try hard enough.

Or they simply let life flow and hopefully some good opportunity or fortune will fall onto them and they will eventually reach their goals without them taking much action.

Another part of me says that it’s a healthy thing to sprint and to put yourself in comparison to others who are more successful so that you push hard to reach their standard or beyond.

Even if you believe you are in a marathon, not a sprint, your responsibility will only get bigger as time pass by.

  • Your parents will get older…
  • You may get married and have more commitment than ever before…
  • Your loved ones may get sick and you may be slapped with a huge medical bill on their behalf…
  • Or worse, they left this world without you being able to provide them with the life that you promised them…

And when things like that happen, you’d wished you are more successful or pursue success faster or have more money in your bank account to do what you have failed to do.

You’d wished you had sprint hard instead of having a marathon (taking your time).

While that is true in itself, no one can really sprint all the time and not take a rest.

So having a balance is key.

But when you know that life is short and your loved ones may die at any moment, you’d definitely sacrifice yourself to sprint more often and run a much faster pace in the pursuit of your dreams or your end goal or your promise to your loved ones.

Slow and steady does finish the race, but if you run faster and kept a higher pace, you will reach the finish line faster, and probably be able to provide a good life (or even more) to the ones you love within their lifetime.

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