Isn’t that what we usually hear from our parent?

This is certainly the case from where I came from.

A small town in Sarawak where most of my people and race preaches safe career for their children instead of entrepreneurship.

Well, don’t blame them, they didn’t know better.

All they know is that being a doctor or an engineer or teacher will enable their kids to have a stable career.
But do they know at how miserable it is to study something that you didn’t like?

I have some friends who even thought about quitting many times pursuing their medical degree.

But as I scroll thru their Facebook feed, there are things that they love doing, painting, singing, playing guitar etc.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Now it is certainly fun to do the things we love.

But, it is certainly hard to make money out of our love and passion.

Ok, here’s the truth about career and passion work.

They are all driven by basic economy principle: Supply and demand. 

Being a doctor is certain a good choice, for as long as there are sick people, which there will always be, there will always be a demand for a doctor everywhere.

Same case for the job of an engineer, take oil engineer for example, for as long as there is oil deep inside the earth crust, there will always be a demand for oil drilling, therefore a demand for an oil drilling engineer.

Again, its the same for the role of teacher.

For as long as the education system exist, a teacher will always be in demand in each of the schools in our country.

That goes for the most basic job that a business need, accounting and marketing or admin job.

There will always be a vacancy for those positions regardless of what companies you work for.

However, there are many things that will affect the demand of a job.

Will there be a demand for an oil engineer if all the oils are sucked dry?

And according to a 2013 report by BP, the oil giant, Earth has nearly 1.688 trillion barrels of crude left, which will last us another 53.3 years at current rates of extraction.

So in the year 2063, there will not be any more demand for an oil engineer.

But that means that other alternative fuel will be favored.

And with the current trends, it won’t probably be fusion energy yet, but the world will be in favor of electric as the main source of energy that powers our economy (So go buy that tesla stock now and hold it).

The gas station that you always go to fill your vehicles gas tank will be replaced by electric, or perhaps some other fuel that we might not know of yet.

Again, the lessons here is that not all jobs are created equal, and some might last for decades, or even centuries.

But one thing for sure, there will always be a vacancy for an entrepreneur.

That’s for sure.

Entrepreneurs will be the one who create jobs, anticipate and capitalize on promising technology that comes and goes with the demand of the global consumer.

Now back to the safe career option vs passion.

What you do passionately are always determined by supply and demand.

If you love to play musical instrument, then there’s that huge multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, which mean you have a large pool of audience ready to listen and buy your music or go to your concert.

Of course, you don’t need everybody in order to make a living.

Same goes for jobs like being an actor, movie director, backstage crews, cameraman, and the many jobs that is needed to produce an entertainment show.

If you decide to follow your passion, make sure to always put hour and effort into your craft, but most importantly, make yourself seen by the world.

In this era and time, we have so many tools available to us to show our talent to the world.

There’s Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook, and many more which has enabled those talented artist to be discovered, like Justin Bieber or Zee Avi from Malaysia.

If they didn’t show their talent out to the world, they would probably have to resort to some jobs they didn’t like just to make a living.

And so their dreams dies with them.

You don’t want that to happen to you.

You are living in the 21st century where you have all the tools you need to pursue your passion, instead of work you didn’t like.

But should you decide to pursue your passion, think in terms of supply and demand.

You may love doing something that you’re passionate about, but is there a demand?

Is there an audience for your work?

Do your research well, easiest way is to follow the footstep of those who have found success doing what you do.

Again one last thing, you have to be really good in your craft so that when people notice about you, they just can’t help but be inspired and mesmerized by your talent.

And when they do, words will spread fast and eventually the right people will look for you.

Be so good that people can’t ignore you.

That takes a lot of time and effort and hard work.

To be successful living your passion is never an easy path.

In fact it is harder and more unpredictable to do compared to getting a job as a teacher or an engineer or a doctor.

Oh yeah, by the way, there’s a science behind your passion.

While some love doing the job of a doctor, some may not.

So I will breaking this down in future blog post so that you know what passion is worth pursuing. 🙂