Here's A Quick Introduction of Myself:

I am a Lifehacker.

Because I love to find unconventional tools, technique and wisdom to get things done faster and more efficient – be it in work or personal life.

I am a Mythbuster.

For I love to question and uncover every belief and myth surrounding all areas of life to get to the ultimate truth of things.

I am an Internet Marketer /Copywriter.

Because that's what I do for a living today.  I write sales copy, do non stop A/B testing, online launches etc as my full-time job.

I am a Cheap-ass Inventor.

For I love to create random useful inventions and do various D.I.Y projects using materials that other people discarded. I've always had this OCD-like behaviour towards doing D.I.Y projects since I was young, and I freaking love it :)

But up until 7 years ago, my story is radically different than where & who I am today.

I was a lost kid who didn’t know what to do in life.

I barely even knew the meaning to the word “entrepreneur” and any business jargon that comes with it. My life was groomed to be either one of these – a doctor, an engineer and a teacher.

That’s it. 3 choices. Nothing more.

But from where I came from, it was the best opportunity for a better life.

Most people from my village are farmers – even my grandparents, and I’m blessed to have a high achiever parent who decides at a young age that they are not gonna let their children suffer and did their best to get a stable job.

And yes, they succeeded at that, becoming a teacher and were able to provide me and my siblings a normal, happy life. But that just wasn’t enough for me.

I knew something was missing, and I knew that the career path that was set for me just doesn’t vibe. Be it becoming a doctor, a teacher or an engineer.

I just don’t want to be any of these.

So what do I want then?

Adventure. Excitement. To Feel Alive.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the fact that my family gets to travel once in a while and I loved every bit of it.

The only thing is, I didn’t know that this lifestyle of constant travelling and seeking adventure was possible until very later on in life. But I’ll talk about this another time.

So yeah, throughout most of my life, I was pretty much lost, until 3 events happened that totally turned my life around – and gave life meaning again.

A Business Course. A friend. And A book.

It’s quite a long story, but here’s a short version of it.

I was lucky to land a course in International Business instead of a doctor, in which I met a highly entrepreneurial classmate which became my most cherished friend,  which later introduced me to the world of personal growth, and my first ever book: “Why we want you to be rich by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump

That book, and being close to that friend, allow me to see a different perspective in this world.

The world of entrepreneurship.

It was an exciting world to live in, and he would force me to do what I don’t normally do throughout my life at that time – joining business competitions, one after the other. And he would always take me to see his family on multiple occasions, and that’s where I get to see how the truly wealthy people live.

His dad was a CEO of a multinational design firm, and they value wisdom so much that books are literally everywhere in his house. And they are some of the friendliest and kindest people I know.

I guess this is my personal “rich dad” experience. So through immersion in that kind of environment, I began to shift my internal belief and behaviour to become as entrepreneurial as my friend is.

As for reading personal growth book?

I was addicted to it more than he is.

As funny as it may seem, I can easily recall what I learn in every personal growth book as compared to the regular textbooks.

And it is a habit that I still enjoy to this very day, and probably forever till I die.

Learning has become super fun and exciting.

But life isn't as easy as it seems.

Even though I had a hands-on experience in the world of entrepreneurship. I still don’t know my true purpose is in this world. And in terms of business itself, I wasn’t succeeding at all.

I was still scared to venture out on my own. And even though I bootstrapped several small businesses like doing graphic design, web design and even selling instant noodle and do laptop repair service in university, none of them actually took off.

I even joined several MLM but none took off as well. The only thing that they left me is debt. Tons of them. 5 figure in debts. On top of my PTPTN loans.

And my relationship suffers at that time too. All of these happen simultaneously even though I indulge in daily learning.

So I ended up falling into a very severe depression that caused me to drown in an endless cycle of suicidal thoughts. I had no one to ask for help, except God at that time.

And then miracle happens. In the most unlikely places.

While I carry around those suicidal thoughts around the house, somehow deep inside me, I had the intuition to just stand in front of my tiny library which I combined with that friend of mine, and somehow, one book stands out.

It was a blue book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

And when I saw a big word of endorsement by Oprah on the front page, I was even more curious than ever.

Oprah says: “The Power of Now can transform your thinking. The result? More joy, right now”

And that was exactly what I needed!

Guess what happens next…

I finished the book in the next 3 days and in that entire duration, I feel like God is healing me in my heart and soul, and I cried a lot, forgive myself a lot, and what comes out of it was a new me.

I was so in Zen and in love with myself that nothing can ever affect me anymore.

And this is the part that’s been missing this whole time.

My spiritual part.

And till this day, taking care of my spiritual side and being grateful has been a daily habit of mine.

I had never been so in flow with life.

And in that flow state, I've discovered my true purpose in life:

“To help people that suffer and to help them live a better life. Especially my people”

What do I mean by “my people”?

As I mentioned earlier, most people in my hometown are struggling to make ends meet, and due to corruption and injustice, some of their lands are taken from them, leaving them no choice but to look elsewhere simply to survive.

I always felt like I want to make things right, but I just didn’t know how before.

But as I read books, meet highly successful people and expand my knowledge of this world, my purpose becomes ever clearer:

To empower people with life-changing knowledge, with personal growth, with entrepreneurship, with resources made available by the government or non-government bodies, so that they are able to live a happy and fulfilling life while making the world a better place to live in.

And that's what this blog is all about.

Through constant reading, meeting incredible people, I’ve learned life-changing wisdom, tools and strategies that enabled me to level up greatly in all areas of my life, which is important for me to be able to teach people what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life.

So throughout the past 3 or 4 years…

I’ve changed my lifestyle to a rather minimalist one, and I’ve been able to save more money so I can invest in my dreams of achieving financial freedom.

I was able to run a successful 5 figure business, and today, a 5-figure coaching side business, while working full time under a well established online marketer, which helps me to sharpen my internet marketing skill.

I’ve improved my character and social skills, which enabled me to earn the trust of various successful people and get them to become my mentor.

I found love again, first in myself, which then attracted my now life partner who loved herself just as much as I do, and we’ve been in an incredibly loving and passionate relationship ever since we fall in love with each other.

These are just some mentions, but the message is clear.

In order for me to help these people live the good life, I had to prove it for myself and live that life first.

So whatever that I’m sharing on this blog of mine has been tested and proven by myself, and I know that they can change people’s life.

And I will continue to share life-changing wisdom in this blog of mine in order to fulfil my grand purpose of life.

Thanks for reading so far and I hope you like my story.



While you're here, how would you like the idea of discovering your purpose in life?

And together, let’s make the world a better place to live in.

For ourselves, for others, and for our future generations.

Thank you for reading this far, I didn’t expect that my about page would be this unusually long.

But I’m writing from my heart and I hope that you are inspired by it.

Many blessings to you my friend.

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It will help you to get better clarity on what you want to do in life, and I’ll teach you the tools and strategy that I use to live a happy, fulfilled life while being driven towards your big goals in life.