Hi! I'm Irwin Umban.

I am a personal growth expert, life-hacker and an internet marketer.

I have  ADHD, and I love to try many things in my life. But I noticed 2 things stuck, and has become an obsession of mine since. And they are continuous learning and the incredible desire to help other people.

I guess you're here to know more about me right?

(Well, duh, obviously).

Unlike most people, I'm not that good at talking about myself (yet), even this version took more than 10 revisions because the ones I wrote previously was too long, or too messy, and my stories were all over the place and if you read them you will be very confused.

The thing is, I'm not that good at summarizing stuff (yet), but there's one thing I'm good at, and that is telling stories.

So here's my story.

( I wrote it as short as I can to the best of my ability, and I try to add some pictures to it)

So my name is Irwin, full name is Irwin Umban anak Enchi. If you're a Malaysian, you'd know immediately that I'm an Iban a.k.a the infamous headhunter tribe of Borneo. 

Yes, I was born in Sarawak, or in the little town of Saratok to be exact, before my whole family moved to Sarikei where I was brought up and spent most of my childhood and teenage years.

I'm blessed to be born in a normal, middle-income family where both my parents are teachers, and we never have to worry about money.

In my society, our life was considered a life of luxury or "a good life".

That's because most of the people and community from where I came from are still farmers who work on their own land and reap their harvest for living. So being able to get a stable job with the government or in a company is a dream for most of the kids and parents there.

So like most parents in my society, mine offered pretty much the same advice:

"Study hard, get good grades, be a teacher or be a doctor or an engineer" 

I know they are saying that so that I will have a better life than theirs. But the thing is, I didn't want any of those. I don't want to work and have a normal, mediocre life like my parents or like most of the people there.

In a way, that kind of turned me to be "the rebellious kid". I don't really like listening to my parent's advice because like I said earlier, I just DON'T want to live a MEDIOCRE LIFE.

My mind, heart and soul longs for excitement, adventure, and doing things that push humanity forward.

In other words, I want to live a rich and wealthy life, and enjoy all of life's pleasures while making a difference in this world. Thanks to TV and movies, I knew such world exists. I knew that there are people out there who are living an incredible life and I want to be part of it, period.

There's just one problem... I just didn't know how or where to begin.

One thing I know for sure is that I won't get there by being a teacher or a doctor or an engineer. So I'm on a constant search for the answers throughout my whole life and just do my best to get good grades because that's all I know, until the fateful day I entered university.

 University Years


Even though I was on a path of studying to become a doctor like most of my friends in high school, somehow life mysteriously gave you the things that you least expected. While most of my peers and classmates get selected to further their study in the medical field, I on the other hand, did not.

Somehow I ended up with a Business Degree course, something that is totally alien to me at that time in my life.

But there's a reason I picked that course among the 8 choices that every student gets to pick under the nationwide university entry system called UPU. One can only pick a maximum of 4 for the same course. Of course, with my old way of thinking, my first 4 choice was to be a doctor, just like everybody else in my class.

And then came the 5th choice.

If by any chance I  do not get selected to pursue a medical course, and after seeing all the different courses offered, I just had the gut feeling to pick "International Business" course as my 5th choice. My thought process at that time was that if I didn't get picked as a doctor, I might as well become a businessmen, hoping that it will lead me to the life that I dreamed of. And also, it sounded super cool 😛

And long story short, I got the course. Boy I was happy (and a little bit scared of course), while my parents and my community are anything but that. Everyone was EXPECTING me to become a doctor, and now they kinda see me as a failure.

Typical conversations I heard :

"Business? Who does that? HAHAHA. Only the Chinese can be successful in business"
"Business is so risky, why did he choose that?"
"Well, hopefully he succeed. He should've studied harder and get 4 Flat and be a doctor"

Me being someone who doesn't know what's right and wrong at that time, hearing all these things makes me feel really shameful and feel like a failure. My parents even went to the extent of asking me whether I want to try private university in the medical field or pursue this course.

But I was still holding onto that small spark of belief that this course can and will change my life.

So I decided to just go along with it, and also it will have less financial burden on my parents since it's a subsidized course offered by a local public university. Either way, I see this as a win-win solution for both my parents and I, although it was mainly my stubborn decision.

Turns out, it was the best thing that has ever happened in my life.


It wasn't studying that really excites me.

But it was that fateful day where I met a highly entrepreneurial classmate who is about to change my whole life forever. He came from a rich and wealthy family, and his dad is a very successful CEO managing a multinational company.

They are living the dream life that I always dreamed of.

Their whole family gets to have vacation all over the world, had all the cool toys and gadgets, basically living the good life. And yet, they are the most kind and loving family I've ever met in my entire life.

And one thing I noticed is the fact that they value wisdom so much and they have a dedicated space in their house to put their giant collection of books.

So it's safe to say the day I met that friend, we just clicked.

...sharing the same passion and became inseparable. And it was the day he gave me my first ever personal development book: Why We Want You To Be Rich by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

And I also quit playing DOTA on that very same day.

The wisdom I learn from the book was more exciting than playing games. For the very first time in my life, I truly feel liberated and alive as I absorb the information from the book like a sponge, and I was able to distinguish between poor or mediocre people's mindset from the rich.

That book eventually becomes the first of many that follows. Since that day, continuous learning and personal development stuck with me. And through the years studying, both me and my friend join many business competitions and we get to mingle with many successful people along the way and I was able to experience for the first time how successful people think and act.

But the thing is... I wasn't succeeding as I imagined I would be.

Even when me and my friends try our hands at starting our own business and doing network marketing, we failed at it. And I thought that I would run a successful business and become rich the time I graduated but I can't even do a proper job at a company, and I that got me fired.

On top of all that, I also suck at relationship, had several breakups, and I'm still a very rebellious kid.

Then came the next transformational stage of my life:

Meeting Vishen, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Cal Newport


A Social Gathering at Mindvalley
I thought it was just another typical business event that I went to. But little did I know that that single event is about to change the course of my entire life. It was the day I truly learn how to set goals and know what I truly want out of life. It was a casual gathering in Mindvalley HQ called Incitement. And while I experienced incredible learning from the speaker at that event, I eventually dig deeper and get to know a guy named Vishen Lakhiani and his amazing video called "The 3 Most Important Question"

That video didn't change me overnight, but it gave me a clear direction of what I really - REALLY - want to do with my life:

Being able to achieve financial freedom and go on an adventure all over the world, experience the good life, and help the people I really care about.

So I just thank him for making that video, and guess what, I got a short reply from him 🙂

From him, I get to know T Harv Eker, which totally transformed my financial life around, and then I really went deep into the teaching of Tony Robbins to undercover my old conditioning habits and how I can change them to a new, empowering belief. And since I know what I want in life, I kinda stumbled upon a book by Cal Newport and I learned that the best way for me to achieve my dream life is to actually be good at something. So I choose to be really good at Internet Marketing.

Which brings me to where I am today.

Working a job I love as an internet marketer/copywriter where I get to sharpen my internet marketing skills while being able to run a profitable side business and truly know that each day will pass with me getting closer and closer towards my goals.

If I were to sum up my life today, here's what I've achieved so far.



Started a business from zero and scale it to more than 10,000 a month in revenue in a span of 1.5 years







Land my dream job as a copywriter/internet marketer while running a business coaching service on the side (earning an extra 6k per coaching) And I have such amazing colleagues!

Love Relationship


 I have the most amazing, passionate and loving relationship with my girlfriend for more than 2 years and counting now❤❤




Social Life


Have an incredible circle of friends and entrepreneurs





Enjoy great health and love pushing myself to the limit, and cured myself of the chronic rhinosinusitis problem that I had since I was a child



Finally know how to manage my finance properly and is on the constant work towards building my financial freedom



Spiritual Life


I'm more spiritual and grounded, at peace and in love with myself fully. Feeling grateful and blessed in abundance almost all the time.



Have a firmer personality and learn to say no to things that don't serve my growth. Still loves to be funny and entertain people 🙂

Family Life


Have more love and respect towards my family.



It's amazing considering the fact that most of my life...

  • I failed at multiple businesses in the majority of my life
  •  I was fired from my first 3 jobs because I don't know what I'm doing or what I should do in life
  •  I went through 6 break-ups that got me into severe depression and even think about ending my own life
  •  I have shitty friends whose goals in life is to party and waste their life away
  •  I was quite skinny and every morning I always have rhinosinusitis, and I always gets tired midday and gets really sleepy in class or in my workplace
  •  I'm so bad at managing my finance that I incurred more than 5 figures debts, not including my PTPTN loan
  •  I was a very impulsive and reactive person and even the tiniest thing would get on my nerves and ruin my mood for the whole day
  •  I always seek approval from others and try to please them
  •  I was a very rebellious kid who never listens to his parents

In short, my life went from

this to


In a span of just 4 years.

And I credit my incredible transformation to simply 2 things: Continuous learning and the never-ending desire to achieve my goals and dreams.

How's that for leveling up and kicking ass in life? 😉

So that's my story.

I really appreciate you spending your time to read through them and I hope you like them.



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