Irwin’s Story

For a full 25 years of his life, Irwin struggled to find his purpose and mission in life.

He performs very poorly in life, got fired in almost every job he worked, tried but failed in all his business ventures, had multiple broken relationships, suffered severe depression and even had sucidal thoughts on multiple occassions.

But his life gradually changed when he discovered books and mentors who taught him unconventional wisdom that turned his life around.

Today, he is on a mission to help other people to find their purpose and mission on this world, helping them to achieve their dream, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Latest Blog Post

What is personal growth and why it matters?

What is personal growth and why it matters? If you’re like most people, chances are personal growth is not something that you will pay attention to, or even aware of. Eventually, you’ll settle like the rest of the society, where…

What My Parent Did Right

What My Parent Did Right First of all, I love my parent, and I appreciate that they are always by my side and supports whatever decision I make in life. And that’s a good thing. Basically I had all the…

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